Why the Uniquely Beautiful Sunjai?

Sunjai Williams loved playing with dolls and has been dancing since the tender age of five. She was introduced to us as a Dancing Doll on the reality hit TV show Bring It. Her determination and moves landed her a full four-year dancing scholarship at DeSales University. She became a fan favorite, 1 million followers on Instagram is provided proof. If you get to know this Southern Belle, you will understand why. It has been a pleasure working with this Uniquely Beautiful young lady.I am U, Uniquely Beautiful, the first brand established: Dolls honoring culture, allowing girls to create a journey of fun and confidence while embracing life as they reach towards goals of higher learning, recognizing their similarities and celebrating their uniqueness. This inaugural doll will encourage girls to focus on aspiring to go to college and the Arts.While working with my former doll company, I was approached with the opportunity to design a doll for Sunjai. Having a daughter and passion for mentoring girls, every doll that I create has to have a positive message and role and I saw Sunjai being that girl.

My other goal through McIrby Enterprises LLC, is to give others an opportunity to build new brands/dolls of their own while consulting them with my 20 years of experience in doll land,

within a trustworthy and professional environment.


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